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Waymakers of Wilson

Brie Handgraaf | LaTanya Simpson | Everett Speight

by Wilson Rotary

Everett Speight saw that there were people throughout Wilson County who needed help.  Even when operating his food truck in various areas, people would come up to him and ask for food.   He realized that some may not have access to a kitchen or ways to cook food, so preparing the food for the community may be helpful.  So with the support of his family and friends, a plan began to feed the homeless and less fortunate individuals of Wilson, and to provide prayer and spiritual guidance as well.  With the support of the Wilson Commerce Foundation, it has evolved into something bigger than he could ever imagine- providing hot meals to anyone who desires a plate of food, as well as prayer and support. 

 The Waymakers of North Carolina’s mission statement is ‘Feeding Wilson One Plate at a Time”.   Anyone who participates in helping us reach our goal is a ‘waymaker’-  helping to make a way for others.  

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