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Adventist World Aviation

by Wilson Rotary

My name is Julie Young,
I am a Canadian citizen, serving with AWA in Canada as the Northern OntarioProject Administrative Assistant and in the USA as the Administrative Assistantto the President at Adventist World Aviation. I also carry the roles as assistant inpublications and as the office manager.

Known Globally as AWA/ Wings4Humanity. AWA is a modest christian non-profitserving Indigenous communities in:
Guyana, Nicaragua, The Philippines, Northern Ontario,Canada (in SiouxLookout) Alaska, Uganda and here in Wilson, NC with Mercy flights and disasterresponse.

My early professional career was in Canada in healthcare. First as a care aideand then in Pharmaceuticals as a certified Pharmacy Technician, in both ahospital setting and retail. My career focus shifted in 2004 due to health issuesand I took time to evaluate what I wanted to focus on next.

After receiving a certificate in Interior design, I transitioned into retail sales,working for Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond and in the gift shop at the Kelowna BCInternational Airport(YLW). My key roles were Sales Manager, Key holder, and asa lead generator.

Having a spouse with an aviation background, I was always involved in someform of flying. All along I had a desire to serve, something more gratifying thanself and wealth. After hearing about AWA through a friend, we both joined in2009 as volunteers. We participated in many projects together. Restoration ofAircraft, ferrying aircraft and promotional events. I personally was hooked onvolunteering!

My volunteer highlight was in 2014, when we restored a Cessna 182 and flew itfrom Wisconsin to our project in Mabaruma, Guyana. Leaving it there to be usedas a medevac plane for the local indigenous community.

Both my spouse and I became full time AWA staff in 2018 and the dream ofserving in a full capacity came true. The experience of working and traveling withstaff and our missionaries, sharing the same focus on helping those within theIndigenous communities has been a blessing.

There is nothing else I would be rather doing.

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