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Bill Howard

by Wilson Rotary

Howard, a Wilson native, is a regular outdoors columnist and phot contributor to The Wilson Times. He has been a full-time photographer for two and a half years. Howard went to school at NC State for journalism and was focused more on becoming a writer. About 20 years ago is when he really got into photography and started learning everything he could about the camera. Everything he’s done he’s learned on his own.

Howard says photography is really his passion. He absolutely loves everything about photography. It’s the one thing that captures that brief moment in time. Time’s always flowing, so nothing is ever the same. Photography is the only way to get that one moment. You capture only one little scene of it, but you get that moment.

For many years, Howard worked in automotive service management at JC Harris Cadillac in Wilson, but once he got his first check for a photography gig, it wasn’t long before he was turning in his notice and taking on photography full time. Since going into photography full time, his wife and family have commented that he’s probably added 10 years to his life because the stress level has just been wiped away. He doesn’t think about what he does as a job now even though it’s the way he makes a living.

Howard has won several awards for his photography in multiple competitions including with Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

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