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Steve Fine

Melanoma Education Foundation

by Wilson Rotary

Steve Fine, president of the Melanoma Education Foundation, attended colleges in theBoston area, receiving a doctorate in chemistry from Northeastern University. He thenmoved to Pennsylvania, completing a year of postdoctoral research at LehighUniversity. After 5 years as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Lafayette College inPennsylvania, he moved back to New England where he served in technical andmanagement positions in high tech chemical companies.

In 1989 he started a consulting practice in the technology of high purity chemicalmanufacturing, concurrently serving for 3 years as Vice President of Technology forACSI, a West Coast manufacturer of semiconductor chemicals.

Shortly after his son, Dan, died of melanoma in 1998 at the age of 26, he founded thenon-profit Melanoma Education Foundation and, since 2000, has devoted full time tothe Foundation.

The primary activity of the Foundation is educating high school and middle schoolwellness teachers about melanoma skin cancer and providing them with free onlinelessons to educate their students about self-detecting melanoma while it is curable. Atlast count over 1700 schools in all 50 states were using the lessons.

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