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Matthew Ghirarda

Boy Scouts of America

by Wilson Rotary

Matthew Ghirarda’s life has been deeply intertwined with the fabric of Scouting since his formative years in Somerville, MA. From his earliest days, he found a second home in the woods and fields of T.L. Storer Scout Camp in Barnstead, NH, where he spent numerous summers immersed in the joys of outdoor adventure and camaraderie.

His professional journey in Scouting began in earnest with the former Boston Minuteman Council, where he honed his skills as a Program Specialist, crafting engaging experiences for young scouts across the region. Earning recognition for his dedication, he assumed the role of Camp Director at his beloved home camp for three rewarding summers.

Seeking new horizons, Matthew transitioned to the Katahdin Area Council in Bangor, ME, where he embraced the challenges and rewards of serving as a District Executive across three diverse districts. Among his many responsibilities was overseeing the vibrant summer program at Camp Roosevelt, catering to both Scouts and Cub Scouts, in some of Maine’s most remote areas.

Continuing his journey of service and leadership, Matthew took on roles of increasing responsibility, including serving as a District Director with the Nashua Valley Council in Lancaster, MA, before assuming the mantle of Program Director for the Seneca Waterways Council in Rochester, NY. His dedication to fostering meaningful experiences for scouts led him to serve as Reservation Director for Massawepie Scout Camps in Tupper Lake, NY, nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Adirondacks.

Matthew’s passion for Scouting has taken him across the country, where he has left an indelible mark on the scouting community. From his role as Director of Camping with the Daniel Webster Council in Manchester, NH, to his tenure as a Senior District Executive with the Mississippi Valley Council in Quincy, IL, and as a Program Director with the Heart of New England Council in Rutland, MA, his commitment to scouting excellence has been unwavering.

A testament to his dedication, Matthew is Wood Badge Trained and has been honored with the Vigil Honor of the Order of the Arrow, reflecting his deep commitment to the values and traditions of Scouting.

Beyond his professional achievements, Matthew finds fulfillment in his enduring partnership with his wife, Danielle, of 20 years. Together, they share a love for the great outdoors, often found hiking and exploring the diverse landscapes of the regions they call home. With his boundless enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, Matthew Ghirarda continues to inspire and empower scouts to embrace the spirit of adventure and service, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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