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Lindsay Stone Corbett

by Wilson Rotary

Gospel Glitter represents the light of the Gospel and how such tiny appearing sparkles have the potential of shining brighter together and providing hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. Emotional turmoil related to hardships of life, trauma, or suffering may leave you feeling hopeless, but allowing God’s Word to be illuminated leaves His Word having the final say.

In a world of darkness, let the Gospel of Jesus Christ be the shining evidence of His restoration and redemption power. Knowing the Word of God can shed light on the darkest nights of our lives. Also, it allows us to know the heart of our Creator, a loving God, whose plans are greater than anything we could ever plan on our own. My prayer is that the light of the Gospel will reveal a strategy to you and combat the emotional consequences of hardship in life.

Lindsay Stone Corbett is a wife, mother, and registered nurse who discovered the greatest calling in life is the Great Commission. Through a personal encounter with God, Lindsay was birther with a vision that would only be brought to fruition through obedience into unknown territory. Lindsay desires to have a global impact by sharing the light of God’s Word, and her story reveals her heart in ministry. She is drawn to parents and women who have struggled with infertility, infant loss, and specials needs children.

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