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Robert Lovering

Flynn Christian Fellowship

by Wilson Rotary

My name is Robert Lovering. I am originallyfrom upstate New York. I moved to North Carolina in early 2022. Since gettinghere I started working for the Boy Scouts of America, East Carolina Council asa District Executive and for a while I was also working part time on the withthe Free Will Baptist Children’s Home who are doing wonderful things. I saw agreat chance to be closer to home and after finding the position of Directoravailable for the Flynn Christian Fellowship Home, I jumped at the chance andwas afforded the wonderful opportunity to apply my education, career experienceand heart for people to help out those in need and those who want to make apositive change in their lives. The opportunity has given me a real look at thewonderful community of Wilson, NC and I am looking forward to  sharingsome that story with you.


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